Friday, August 2, 2013

MIAMICA : Fashion Meets Function. @tfnow

Photo credit: Tyrone Farley
MIAMICA is fashion meets function with the Fall/Winter 2013 Collection of chic but yet practical travel packing accessories. Yesterday as I joyfully perused the showroom of MIAMICA, I didn't realize that packing for travel was an art until I saw some of the products in this collection.  Fashionistas who travel a lot but want to be sure that their belongings are secured to it's final destination(and I believe you do) will want to check out these products. 

From the 'Upgrade Me' collection - Luggage tag

From the 'Upgrade Me' collection - Luggage tag and travel tote

There are pill cases, iPad cases, luggage tags, fanny packs, mani mini maintenance carriers, shoe bags, tampon organizers and jewelry portfolios.  Worried about your carry on at the airport with TSA regulations? MIAMICA has you covered with the 'Upgrade Me' collection featuring; Plane to See(a see through travel case) organizers that fits all your small travel potions and lotions, passport cases, travel blanket and eye mask covers. Men do not worry, they've got; toiletry bags, laundry bags, take charge organizers(to store your charging batteries, cords, power mats etc), watch cases, and cuff link cases.

From the 'Upgrade Me' collection - Plane to See (travel case)

Bathing Beauty - 3 piece beach set.

Ready to soak up the sun? Your travel needs are chic and ready here.

Protection for your prized resort sunglasses

Gadgets and stuff pouch organizes your techie items.

From the 'Take a Chill Pill' collection.

From the 'Take A Chill Pill' collection - A fashionable and practical way to travel with your pills and vitamins.

From the 'Trendy Techie' collection - PDA/iPhone Case

The 'Keep It Together' collection - Dirty Laundry Bag
After going through many of these products in the showroom of MIAMICA, I couldn't believe some of the thought that has been put into some of them to make our business trip or weekend getaway more comfortable and happy. For example, my dress shoes is already stored in a shoe bag I got as swag ready for my next trip.  And by the way with this example(see a photo below with my shoes), your shoes is not just thrown into a bag. The 'Gotta Run' shoe bag has a divider inside to fit each one of your prized shoes and made with a soft fabric that cushions your shoe inside the bag.

From the 'Sole Mate' collection - Shoe Bag

From the 'Sole Mate' collection - Shoe Bag
From the 'Sole Mate' collection - Shoe Bag
Oh, but what about my new born or toddler that will be travelling this fall for Thanksgiving or Christmas to grandma/grandpa's house?  MIAMICA has the 'Lil Traveler Collection' designed with your toddler in mind especially if they're a baby jet-setter.  This line is all about fun cute one liners such as, 'my first passport', 'my first vacation' or 'lil bows on the go' which is really the signature of the MIAMICA brand. There are boys and girls picture frames, passport cases, luggage tags, wet suit and lotion bags, shoe bags, hanging organizers and changing kit bags.

Jetset baby!

Oh baby!

Baby love, my baby love!

I had a chance to catch up with the fantastic Devra Miller, the owner and creator of these fabulous products. Her inspiration for this collection and many of these fantastic products, come from her many years as a traveler.

After talking to her, I know for sure that she's created a line of products that's all about 'The Art of Packing' and fashionable organization. Any one of these products you buy, will make your travel and packing effortless and fun. I can see as Devra speaks with a sense of pride, that her hard work will pay off when fashionistas get their hands on these items.  It's a labor of love that you'll have to see for yourself after you visit for more details. The price points range between $2 to $60 and I love that fashion aficionados can give these as gifts because they are so affordable. What's not to love?

Devra Miller - Creator and Owner