Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashion Queen: Iris Apfel.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest

Iris Barrel Apfel is a fashionista with style that is bold, exciting and fashion forward and a lavish wardrobe and new following to back it up.  The Fashion and Style section of the New York Times recently described her style as something that requires a ". . disciplined eye to pull off . ."  
           Iris will also be the subject of a movie by famed documentary film maker Albert Maysles, and her personal wardrobe has been on exhibition at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The list goes on for this 90 year young fashionista and the first thing that comes to the mind is probably that she's old and rich. You can say the same for many Park Avenue rich socialites but the thing I love about Ms. Apfel is that she's 'unique'.  I love her eye for fashion and her choice of jewelry for every single look of her wardrobe I've seen, and I've posted two of my favorites below.  Her sense of color, silhouettes and accessories is something that you probably have to be born with in my opinion, because I know a lot of rich fashionistas who just follow the styling of, what they've already seen somewhere.  Iris Apfel is my new fashion hero, she rocks and reigns as Queen of Fashion in the inner circles.  Another reason that I also applaud her, is because of the vision for what I consider a genuine True Fashionista Now.  Apfel has her own interpretation and sense of style, with designer pieces thrown in as well of course.  I love you Iris because you are a True Fashionista Now.  Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news.
A circa-1985 House of Lanvin silk-faille evening gown designed by Jules-François Crahay,                        a Bhutanese upper-arm bracelet, and Tibetan bracelet and necklaces.
Photo credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Karin Willis
A vintage Geoffrey Beene wool-jersey jumpsuit, a silver-and-turquoise brooch and belt,
and silver-and-ceramic cuffs.
Photo credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Karin Willis

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fashion Ready For Hurricane Irene In NYC.

Fashionistas in NYC will stay indoors this weekend as hurricane Irene descends with its viscous wind and rain.  Just in case you must get outdoors for some non-canceled event(we hardly think so), then check out this hands free umbrella called a NU Brealla made just for the occasion.  Don't you love it? It's so runway head-dress chic. I was tweeting with my fashion dolls today, and said that ''as long as Irene goes away by the time NYFW gets here, I'll be happy''.  But you never know, we may just need one of these NU brealla next week.  Have a safe weekend wherever you are but especially if you are in NYC. Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Manolo Blahnik & Mimi Plange's Fashion Collaboration.

Fashionistas, get ready to sashay in new Manolos as the legendary shoe designer teams up with fashion designer Mimi Plange to debut two pairs of his customized shoes.  I am lucky to snag an invite to Mimi Plange's 'A Flower In The Desert' themed S/S12 presentation during New York Fashion Week and I am too excited to see these shoes. Stay tuned for the highlights to this fabulous fashion collaboration during NYFW.  Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, Australia S/S12: Talulah.

Soft floating rayons and cottons, sheer georgettes and luxurious silks form the basis of each Talulah collection, absorbing elements of street style and contemporary looks that add a touch of edge to the brand's sweet silhouettes.  The billowing peplum tent tops stand out, as a item that fashionistas will want to own from this collection. The color palette also seem very low-key but yet there is a motion and energy that is beautiful about the Talulah collection.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

REPOST: A New Star Is Born - Andrej Pejic.

I originally posted this write-up on Andrej Pejic on 2/24/11, after I had read about him in January 2011 online and was hoping he would get a break in the upcoming F/W11 shows in NYC. He came, walked and hardly had any press but he's back and looks like NYers are ready to embrace him, especially with his face on the cover of the fall issue of the New York Magazine.  Looking forward to seeing you at the shows Andrej, I knew you were a True Fashionista Now.

Originally posted 2/24/11 on True Fashionista Now: . . . . . .Though the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, may not have included this name in its' blasts of fashion headlines as yet, get ready for Andrej Pejic. This nineteen year old male model, of Serbian and Australian descent, has taken the European fashion world by storm for his androgynous appeal. His uniqueness is, he walks for both men and women's shows and fans can't get enough of him. He has catapulted into fashion stardom so fast, that Jean Paul Gaultier altered his whole F/W11-12 collection around him. Andrej has possibly even become Gaultier's new muse because he was the chosen one to walk as the final bride for his show and even appears in campaigns for Jean Paul Gaultier. We can see why the world loves him, because he exudes high glamour as a woman and strikes a pose so well as a man. Female models are threatened by him because in an economic recession era when fashion houses are looking to minimize costs, they can hire him to do both women and men's shows and campaigns for their brands.

Photo credit: Willy Vanderperre
Photo credit: Jean Paul Gaultier
Andrej Pejic's journey to stardom.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, Australia S/S12: Jordanna Regan.

Check out these gorgeous evening gowns by Aussie designer Jordanna Regan. I love the sequinned embroidery, and I must confess I am not a sequin fashion fan. The reason I love it here though is because Jordanna's minimal and geometric motif use of sequins on her looks, is very tasteful. It's almost like she creates shapes to flatter body types, hence check out the first look with the vertical lined sequins, that create a slimming and long body type. Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poplyfe Is Talent With Fashion Sense.

I just had to post this about Poplyfe because I love their raw talent and . . . . . their fashion sense too.  When I saw them the first time I was impressed a couple of weeks ago and it seems they just keep getting better not just with their talent but their fashion sense too.  The young men's afro just remind me of the Jacksons and their genuineness. Also, the main lead's and her bow-tie and Jody Watleyesque skirt is just age appropriate and original without trying to play dress-up with fashions that they are not comfortable with. The Poplyfe are True Fashionistas Now.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, Australia S/S12: Akira.

Akira Isogawa is one of Australia’s most celebrated designers. He has achieved international recognition for his exquisite contemporary designs, which are sought after in every major fashion capital throughout the world.

I love the fabrics and the way Akira has created each look to seam to seamless and airy. The embellish such as a bead work pattern or a dyed patterned fabric are simply feminine and the silhouettes are classic.  Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news. 

LAKMÉ FASHION WEEK Winter/Festive 2011: Babita Malkani.

Suffusing versatility and modernistic approach in designs, Babita Malkani unleashed a distinctive collection based on a contemporary ethnic platform exhuming industrial glamour. Conceptualizing a fusion of art and fashion entitled Metalmorphosis, the meticulous sculptural disposition in collection not only appeared gallant, but also carried the feminine feel. The morphing of metal on the fabric introduced unique experimentation which derived the look for display at the Autumn Winter 2011.

Defining the unusual notion, the collection neatly showed artistic expressions and inspiration taken from sculptures for which she spent hours with her friend and world renowned sculptor- Arzan Khambhat­­ta, in order to draw references and styling inspirations.

Babita Malkani revealed an exclusive combination of raw metals and fabrics which incorporated discarded metal pieces such as nuts, bolts, screws and metal sheets. Despite bearing a reflection of cortein steel and rusting on fabrics including metal distressing, the creation did not give an impression of metallic fabrics.
Though quite radical in its technique, and unusual in terms of a concept, the collection is extremely wearable, emerges as perfect for any occasion and rightfully epitomizes a complete formal evening wear collection. The gorgeous range of free-flowing and drape-style outfits will be unveiled in three different looks, featuring different colour palettes and silhouettes.

The collection encompassed shades of charcoal grey, black, wine, taupe and Prussian blue interspersed with some unrevealed methods of rusting and clamping dyeing techniques to accentuate the motif of attaining an industrial glamorous look.

Designer Babita Malkani and Kalki.
Photos credit: Babita Malkani

Monday, August 22, 2011

LAKMÉ FASHION WEEK Winter/Festive 2011: Vivek Kumar.

". . . A blend of futurism and influence of old world charm is expressed through complex silhouettes, with shades and chunky hand-made textures, . . ."       - Vivek Kumar

I am in love with this collection for a many reasons.  Some of the looks from Lakme are purely inspired by the culture in the east and no surprise by any means for those and no surprise here either. But Kumar has taken the styling of this collection to a new level by incorporating aspects of futurism, draping, and color with full-on runway fantasy.  Each look is exciting, fresh, forward thinking and absolutely a statement of his fashion aspirations and knowledge of fashion. Vivek Kumar, you are a True Fashionista Now.

Photos credit: Lakme Fashion Week 2011