Tuesday, September 28, 2010

L'Creme Clothing & DJ Eric Sosa In Harlem

Fashionistas came uptown to The Vault in Harlem for the L'Creme Clothing one of a kind 'Wildcat' t-shirt launch. This one of kind t-shirt, perfect for that urban or sport chic fashionista, was a collaboration between DJ Eric Sosa with his just released 'Summer Of Love' video and L'Creme Clothing. Add this to your already active collection or add it your gift list already. DJ Eric Sosa was also on hand to provide some of the beats and jams.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

FENDI - Walk, walk fashion baby!

I was walking on fifth avenue last evening and spotted this cap toe boots for fall 2010 from Fendi. I was caught off guard by it's urban feel of the capped toes and laces. It reminded me of a sneaker and I thought, "Fendi?" But then, I had to remind myself that fashion is about reinvention and taking cues from other communities, cultures or moment. Similarly, last summer, I saw Chanel sporting in their window, a ankle heeled dress pumps with the heel made entirely of a black '45 calibre shot gun'. We love these cap toe boots for this fall and we dare you to wear them because you are a Tru Fashionista Now. What do you think of them?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tru Fashionistas Now At Swarovski's ELEMENTS Benefit in NYC

Halle Berry, Sofia Vergara and Julianna Margulies are some of the major celebrities that got dressed up for Swarovski's charity benefit in New York City on August 20th, 2010. The event was held to raise money for fighting breast cancer and future research, a subject that is close to my heart, because of my grandmother and aunt who both recently passed from cancer. These gals are Tru Fashionista's Now for supporting a good cause through fashion.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where in the world is Carmen Kass?

If you are a True Fashionista Now you will sure to have come across Carmen Kass, one of fashion's most sought after supermodel. Her last appearance in Michael Kor's latest perfume television and print ad for 'Hollywood', along with some other print ads for his fashion collection is the last we saw of her. Prior to that, we've seen her appear in both television and print ads for Christian Dior's perfume; 'Jadore' before Charlize Theron took over. Her slow perfected runway walk with straight but yet arched back is what she is well known for. Where are you Carmen Kass? We miss you, so please come back.

This Fall you'll be 'Blowin Money Fast'.

This fall, Tru Fashionistas have a new 'IT' nail polish color to choose from, it's called 'Blowin Money Fast'. The color, a metallic forest green, is sure to be seen on the mani's and pedi's of fashion's 'IT' crowd this fall. The color is rumored to be inspired by Rick Ross's hit single, also by the same name; 'Blowin Money Fast'. This fall's new hot item is sold by Liz + Ginger online and at selected locations in New York along with some other exciting colors to choose from but this fall, it seems like you'll be 'Blowin Money Fast'.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Verlaine's spring summer 2011 collection preview is a stunning return to the excitement of what fashion should be all about, in regards to creativity and esthetics. Javier Garcia and Vaughn Alexander of VERLAINE has almost mastered the art of fabric draping, in their quest for their final draped dress creations. One look at the first flowing gown that came down the runway, at their fashion week showing, might remind any serious fashion fan that this duo is serious about what they are doing. Yojhi Yamomoto or even the early years of Calvin Klein's minimalist vision of high end fashion, comes to mind when you you look at some of the draped gowns. What really sets this collection apart and to be reckoned with the fashion world, is the esthetics of the dark or almost all black collection. The outfits of black and grey fabrics, which almost look like light tie-dyed silk, is the creative esthetic and sets the mood and tone for their collection. This is truly an accomplishment for them because black is never boring nor out of vogue and certainly connects with fashionistas with a busy social calender and will be must have pieces. Also, one piece that stands out from the collection, is a black meshed fabric that can almost only be used for under a garment in theater costume design. It is because of this meshed dress, that I believe VERLAINE is here to stay because it does not come across as some last minute bold ambition to justify a lofty creative vision. Rather, it communicates a sense of fashion innovation with their use of non conventional fabric. I believe we'll be hearing much more from this duo in the near future, and we look forward to their future collections.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ceola featuring Blynk is stunning, exciting & daring

After a few days of New York fashion shows of sheath dresses, capris and blouses, spring is really in the air for the Ceola featuring Blynk 2011 spring collection with bathing suits and airy ponchos. One of the reason I like smaller scale fashion shows is because I believe the designers and their fans are genuinely proud of every single piece of garment you see on the runway. Not that bigger shows and designers aren't but the Ceola featuring Blynk show was veRy intimate and the quality of each piece is very superior and well edited for the presentation. I couldn't tell which piece for each garment was whose whether it was Imani Alexander of Ceola or Dominique Sade of Blynk whom I met after the show and were both wonderful to speak to. But it didn't matter because the garments complemented each other. For example a beautiful bikini and bra was paired up with a beautiful silk poncho which to me stood out in the show. I especially love the poncho for its vibrant color and fabric usage to demonstrate a new sexiness for dressing up at the beach or private resort. Another example is a daring purple cowl-necked bathing suit which was just as beautiful as the model wearing it. The overall color splashes in the collection really gave a glimpse of how beach or poolside fashionistas can reveal their bold persona, come spring 2011. The jewelry selection for each look was carefully selected so as not to overpower each piece. However, a chained earring which comprised of a strand of links from ear to ear that dangled below the model's chin almost touching her abdomen was interesting to see. And this is exactly the kind of risk that Ceola featuring Blynk took and which paid off well, to make their Spring 2011 collection, one that is stunning, exciting and daring.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Belle Epoque Spring Collection 2011 is fearless, tireless and moving forward.

Did you know that 62% of American women wear size 12 and up? The Belle Epoque Spring Collection for 2011 is ready to fill that void for many beautiful full figured women around the US. I am not surprised by the debut of this collection for the many plus sized women, who for many years have complained they have been overlooked in today's fashion world. Come Spring 2011, there will be many options to choose from, as the Belle Epoque collection for 2011 captured the beauty and elegance acknowledged as;..."the Golden Age",... by Zahir Babvani;VP of Design and Galina Monaco; Designer, both of OneStopPlus.com. While in attendance I overheard one of the coordinators say; 'I am so proud of this moment, I could cry'. The show began on a very high note with draped dresses some asymmetrical with beautiful hues of peach, lemon and blue for spring. The collection transitioned into other draped and sheath dresses, trousers, cardigans and blouses but this time with beautiful hues of aquatic blues of lace. It continued on to two other themes of denim and cargo which comprised of shirt dresses, capris, shorts, jumpers, blazer and trench coats which are all essentials for a one's spring wardrobe. The show ended on a glittering high note of gold guilded gowns, tea dresses, maxi skirts and bouquet dresses. In attendance, were Gabourey Sidibe, Toccara Jones and Whitney Thompson. As you can see, the full figured gal need not worry for fashion options come Spring 2011, because she is fearless, tireless and always moving forward, a motto that OneStopPlus.com also represents.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Show at Lincoln Center for Fashions Night Out 2010

If you missed The Show for Fashions Night Out 2010 at Lincoln Center as well as on CBS, watch it here for all the fashion excitement. Watch top supermodels; Naomi Campbell, Giselle Bundchen, Angie Lindvall, Chanel Iman, Carolina Kurkova and others along with muscial artist Pharell, as they present top NYC designers.

REVIEW: The Tribal Couture collection is bold and edgy for NY Fashion Week

Tribal Couture's bold use of jewelry to complement each garment might be exactly what fashionistas love about dressing up. The very short and well put together collection is comprised of jackets, skirts, blouses and dresses that are beautiful, edgy and modern. There is one black jacket that is made of Chantilly lace, that stands out and is reminiscent of the great Greta Garbo in the golden age of 1920's Hollywood glamour, only that Tribal Couture's version has a new silhouette. Jewelry plays an important element for each outfit and can even sometimes outshine the garments. This leaves me to wonder if the subject of focus might really be the jewelry. The collection seems to communicate the message that; necklaces, bracelets and chandelier earrings are essential for your wardrobe regardless of how expensive that gown or entire outfit might cost. To see the beautiful models sashay down the catwalk in each look, definitely speak volumes when your look is complete with either that over sized earring or jewelled pin or attitude ring. We love this collection for its' bold use of jewelry, beauty and modern approach for its' vision of today's fashionistas.

The Tribal Couture collection is bold and edgy for NY Fashion Week

Monday, September 13, 2010

Body Rock Sports Collection @ NY Fashion Week

The Body Rock Sport fashion presentation was as high energy as its' sporty backdrop at the Chelsea Piers with a bevy of beautiful models showcasing Kelly Dooley's innovative creativity. Seeing the models participate in a live spin class with a live music DJ, allowed fashionistas and guests to see the versatility of its' FASHION, FITNESS & FUNCTION. Imagine wearing your bra for support, then imagine wearing it also for jogging or cycling with shorts or tights, then utilising it also for dancing the night away by dressing it up with crystal or silver charms around the neckline with your favorite shorts or jeans and that's just the beginning. And if you are thinking about colors or it being plain, think again because there are a variety of options to suite your style, ranging from 'The Anna' to 'The Tentra' each with its' own unique style and color. 'The Anna' has a waterproof pocket on the front of the bra, a durable YKK zipper and a large enough pocket for some personal belongings. 'The Tentra' is the most fashionably fabulous piece and most expensive in their special 'Show Em Off' collection at a price tag of $1850. It features a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet and necklace that is fastened to a Body Rock Sport bra in black spandex and gunmetal burnout fabric with a pocket in the back and pewter distressed fabric for ventilation and style. So as you can imagine the Body Rock Sport bra collection is not just your typical bra that you're usually familiar with. Its' a new approach to being fit, while still being fashionable and feeling good 24/7. See for yourself and check them out http://www.bodyrocksport.com/ for purchases and more.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Organic by John Patrick for Spring 2011

It is so refreshingly health conscious of John Patrick's new collection to be titled 'Organic'. His Spring 2011 collection is, in his own words; ...."ultra-refined". I personally love the color pallete of the designs that reflect his 'organic' creative vision. The tea-dresses and jackets are also something to look forward to, for Tru-Fashionistas who embrace the idea of sustainability while still being fabulous. We love you John Patrick. Check out the rest of the collection for yourself here.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Biggest Fashion Show in NYC's History

Fashion Week at Lincoln Center is finally here for the first time. In addition to the fashion creative mayhem of major deigners for one week, NYC's largest fashion show was unveiled tonite that comprised of 150 models and top celebrity participation and in attendance. All of the runway looks that was seen tonite is also readily available at their respective stores this week to coincide with Fashions Night Out which is scheduled for this Friday, September 10th, 2010. Many major retail stores are participants of this one night shopping experience that will be happening simultaneously all over the world of major cities like London and Dubai. Tru Fashionistas, get ready to shop till you drop and I know you love it.
More pics here.