Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoes Expert Maven Creates "Shoe Cam Campaign" For Better Shoe Views At The Oscars

Felicia Coley of The Well-Heeled Society lifestyle blog is creating a campaign to bring shoe lovers a heightened view on the Oscars' red carpet.  
Coley is kickstarting a campaign to ensure The Academy Awards gives the proper shoe fix next year with her, "Shoe Cam Campaign".  The Academy offered an interactive website this year that offered viewers choices to watch the red carpet from different angles via a Champagne Cam, Fashion Cam, Fan Cam and Host Cam.  
"Like the other millions of shoe lovers who tuned in to see the parade of ever-flowing couture gowns posing on the Oscar red carpet, I was disappointed in seeing how the gowns and baubles upstaged the footwear," states Coley.  "As much as the spotlight shone on the gowns - which were gorgeous to look at - shoes were unfortunately left in the dark on the Fashion Cam."
With shoes being a dominant accessory in a woman's wardobe, sales of women's fashion footwear lead the way in the footwear market with an increase by 8%, totalling $20.7 billion in 2010 (NPD Group's Annual 2010 US Fashion Footwear by Wearer Segment).
With that much buying, it is apparent that shoe love is indeed true love for women.  
Aside from being the editor and founder of The Well-Heeled Society, Coley has reigned for five years as the Shoes Expert Maven for millions of shoppers on ThisNext (the California-based social shopping site).
"My goal with the campaign is to gather enough electronic signatures for The Academy to see how adding a Shoe Cam to next year's show fills a void," says Coley.

To join the Shoe Cam Campaign, click to add your electronic signature here: The Well-Heeled Society
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About Felicia Coley:
Felicia Coley is the editor and founder of The Well-Heeled Society lifestyle blog and author of the book, “How to Stylishly Fall from Grace”. She is also the reigning Shoes Expert Maven for ThisNext, the popular social shopping network heralded by The New York Times and USA Today.

Academy Awards 2011 Fashion Hot Topic - Where were the True Fashionistas Now?

Mila Kunis in Eli Saab Haute Couture at Oscars 2011.  Photo credit:
It pains me to discuss 'lace frocks' at this year Academy Awards as a look that almost reminded me of an era long gone by in the history of fashion.  I was so excited to see the red carpet fashion arrivals at the 2011 Oscars but as I looked at the preview shows and even planned to tweet with my fashionistas, I wondered where were the 'True Fashionistas Now'.  I must admit I already loved Mila Kunis lavender Eli Saab Haute Couture look as she arrived on the carpet but thought that it'll easily be upstaged later on by some starlet with a look that is out of this world.  By the end of the night and even up to today's fashion reports, it seems that Mila Kunis's look might possibly be the hit of the night, even as The Washington Post reports today that, "This year's crop of gowns failed to produce even one buzzy fashion trend."

Don't get me wrong, I liked all the other looks last night, like Anne Hatthaway'a eight gown changes throughout the show that included archival Valentino, Giorgio Armani Prive and Versace.  In addition there were lots of red gowns as a color trend as well as lots of high calibre selections like Cate Blanchette's Givenchy Haute Couture and Nicole Kidman's Christian Dior Haute Couture but it just didn't translate well, though I'm sure their high paid stylists were well intentioned during their weeks of preparation. I am sure a lot of the looks were stunning up close but where was the fashion innovation without leaving everything to a stylist.  I will never forget Sharon Stone's fashion innovative look at the 1996 Academy when she paired a charcoal turtleneck with a Valentino trumpet skirt which ". . . screamed cool and elegance" according to People magazine. Then again at the 1999 Oscars when she again paired a white men's Gap shirt with a lavender Vera Wang ball skirt which exemplified personal style, fashion and super stardom. 

Fashion should be fun and exciting and reinterpreted using your own style, to making it your own hence one of the reasons why I liked Mila Kunis's gown last night. As you saw, there were other lacey gowns for the night, like Scarlett Johanssons's plum colored Dolce and Gabanna gown to Melissa Leo's Marc Bouwer's beige and gold lace gown which looked nothing like their personalities of the night, unless you are trying to look like an old and prudish woman, which is how lace is usually associated, then I guess so.  Mila Kunis's gown choice unknowingly represents, age appropriate, reinterpretated fashion, new, sexy and stylish which makes her a  True Fashionista Now. Are you a true fashionista now?

Melissa Leo (2011 Academy Award winner for Best Supporting actress)
 in Marc Bouwer at Oscars 2011.  Photo credit:

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabanna.  Photo credit:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

b. michael America F/W11 Collection - Advanced American Style

On Wednesday, February 16th, 2011, at the Plaza Hotel in New York, famed fashion designer b michael paid tribute to Rwanda with the help of Francine LeFrak, by featuring SAME SKY bracelets made by women from Rwanda at his "b michael America Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show" during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The "b michael America Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show," was also used as an awareness event for the "The DreamYard Action Project," the largest arts education provider in the Bronx, New York, reaching 8,500 students from grades K-12.
The beauty look was modern glamour. The hair, created by Laura Ziba with Faces Salon, Make-Up was created by Michelle Virtue for Damone Roberts New York. Jewelry provided by Joan B. Hornig Jewelry. Photos credit: Dan & Corina Lecca
The b michael America Fall/Winter 2011 collection was
Sponsored by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

b. Michael america F/W11 Collection - Seen front row at the show

In support of b michael Fall/Winter 2011 collection the Legendary Actress Cicely Tyson walked the runway, New York Former First Lady Michelle Paige Paterson was spotted on the Front row, Myrna Colley-Lee, Ashford & Simpson, Harriette Cole, Amy Fine Collins, Tamara Tunie, Gregory Generet, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Drew Hawkins, Francine LeFrak, Melba Moore, Susan L. Taylor, Sidra Smith, Kathryn Chenault, Alicia Bythewood, Pamela Joyner, Anne Gordon, Peter Gordon, Maritza Williamson, Harold Koda, Faye Wattleton and more were spotted front row. Photos credit: Dan & Corina Lecca.
b. michael and Cicely Tyson takes the final walk for his adoring fans.
Cicely Tyson
Myrna Colley Lee
Rhonda Ross Kendrick
Kimberly Hatchett, b michael, Sandra Richards, Drew Hawkins
Harriet Michel, Amy Fine Collins, Kathryn Chenault, Thaderine MacFarlane
Harriet Michael, Mira Mullins, Tamara Tunie

MUTTONHEAD F/W11-12 Collection

MUTTONHEAD F/W11-12 Collection focuses on traditional sportswear. Combining heavy fabrics like hemp twill and wool with classic hunting silhouettes and rich, classic colours gives the collection a very utilitarian feel.
I had a chance last weekend to check out this collection at Rendezvous New York F/W11 and I love the versatile wearability of each piece. With a unisex approach of each garment design, the colour hues of earth greens and browns with an Native Indian motif on some reflect the soul and spirit of Canada. With a commitment to fair trade and supporting local business in it's native Canada, all garments as are also designed and manufactured locally in Toronto, Canada. The fabrics utilised for each design such as recycled hemp twill, wool and leather, reflect the durability and guarantee of MUTTONHEAD's inspiration of traditional sportswear and also earth friendly while also demonstrating that each look can still be fashionable.  Photos credit: Muttonhead Collective

Check out MUTTONHEAD Collective on:
I love the versatility of the top in this look.
I love the versatility of the pants with this look.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Paola Hernandez F/W11 Collection - A Look Within

Paola Hernandez presented her Fall 11 collection, titled “A Look Within,” at the W New York on Sunday February 13th during Fashion Week.  Set up in two suites, 13 models, both male and female, wore Paola’s fall looks that ranged from layered corset dresses to long wool layered coats.
The collection was based on the idea of balance. It was shown through the simple colors, black and grey. This was paired with a silver lining, suggesting light and revealing the power for creation within.
The presentation consisted of a mix between models and actual artists from the New York Academy of Art. The authenticity of the artists highlighted the concept behind the collection. 
Guests, while sipping on Perrier and Whiskey Sours provided by Auchentoshan, were able to actually observe the artists creating, whether it was painting, sculpting, drawing, or writing.   
The hair was styled by Jenny B. and the CUTLER team and the make-up by Lyne Desnoyers and the MAC Pro Team.
Artists: Gary Murphy, Nic Rad, Loretta Hirsch, Alison Simmons, Monica Olsen, Elina Anatole, Charlotte Sometimes.
Models: Veronika from Ford, Hil from Elite; Gabriel, Sam and Jason from NY Models.
Photos by: Marc Hall and Jay Marroquin.
Paola designed several pieces for Global Glam, a project created by the W Hotels.  The pieces were showcased at the presentation at the Box at Lincoln Center on Thursday February 10th. They will be selling at the W boutiques beginning of August 2011.

Tamara Pogosian F/W11

Photo credit: Yoni Levy
The Collection is inspired by Pogosian's childhood in Moscow, filled with Russian fairy tales of mysterious, enchanting princesses. Draping the collection organically, Pogosian does not fail to deliver when it comes to her specialty, beautifully designed dresses. The pieces are intricately constructed to reflect a modern woman's interpretation with bold, playful silhouettes that are ready for any party or red carpet.
Growing up in Armenia and Russia, Pogosian was taught to appreciate art, music and education. That appreciation is what brought her to New York City in 1992 to study fashion at Parson's School of Design and FIT. It was at FIT where she realized her love and talent for draping dresses and has continued to create stunning pieces since 2002.
"As always the collection carries the brand's aesthetic, filled with love, strength and beauty," Pogosian stated, "This woman feels sensually powerful yet playful with the knowledge that everyone desires to be in her presence." Subtle shades of magenta, mahogany, oak, bereza and caviar were used with a stroke of metallic gleam to add dimension to the collection. Check her out at and also on Facebook. Photos credit where not listed: Tamara Pogosian.
Photo credit: Hans Dudeck
Photo credit: Yoni Levy
Photo  credit: Hans Dudeck
Photo credit: Yoni Levy
Photo credit: Hans Dudeck
Photo credit: Yoni Levy
Photo credit: Yoni Levy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MACY'S launch 'Backstage Pass' using mobile QR code.

A new mobile consumer initiative, 'Macy's Backstage Pass' is a customized QR code that deliver fantastic video content featuring their stable of celebrity designers and fashion authorities.

When you scan the code and access the site while on the go, you get videos that offer essential tips, trend information and behind-the-scenes looks, at collections that will help customers in-store learn more about the brands/designs as they shop. Designers participating include makeup maven Bobbi Brown, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Greg Norman for Tasso Elba, Rachel Roy, Irena Shabayeva for I.N.C., and a host of the nation’s most influential fashion bloggers for Macy’s newest exclusive collection, bar III. Additionally, the campaign will feature content by Martha Stewart and Madonna’s Material Girl in videos currently set to debut a few weeks following the launch.

Understanding that this is an emerging technology in the U.S., Macy's has also created an informative tutorial video to educate customers about QR codes and how they work. All this great content is available in-stores now and can also be accessed online at

For a quick demonstration on how it works for shoppers in-store, just scan the red star code above using a QR code reader on your smart phone and your device will do the rest. I suspect Macy's will probably have these codes all over their print marketing collaterals, such as in stores signs, newspapers and subway posters as some already do, so you can do this on the go which is the point for mobile shopping and accessibility. You can also either scan your computer screen or print the code to scan. Special tip: If you don't have a QR code reader on your smart phone or video-enabled device, just text "reader" to MACYS (62297) to receive a free QRreader download.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gg - A personal shopping experience like no other!

"Gg Personal Shopping offers an array of handpicked designers and styles that are affordable, timeless, and chic. The twist? The concept. Sisters, Alexandra and Miriam Greemberg cater to your needs as a ‘Boutique On Wheels’, an exclusively personal shopping experience, introducing the latest trends, unique pieces, and frequented trunk shows– at your convenience. A luxury that not only saves you time, but gives you a tailored and service-oriented shopping pleasure... guilt free! So put away daddy's credit card and don't break the bank at Bloomingdales! Instead, shop Gg, offering both a loft-like space and sky high mirrors, with snacks and cocktails to spare!

Whether you are searching for the ultimate day-to-night look, boosting confidence, or looking to socialize and relax, Gg is always stocked with sleek apparel to update your wardrobe for any event or engagement. From simple ensembles, to downtown cocktail looks, Gg works for every age and shape.

Gg Showroom is conveniently located in North Miami where merchandise is exposed to clients for sale by appointment only: 2645 'B' NE 186th Terrace North Miami Beach, FL, 33180.
Check them out on Facebook 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Italian VOGUE February 2011 Editorial - The Black Allure

This month's issue of Italian VOGUE, feature an all Black cast of fashion models inspired by the alluring and intoxicating backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance. Simply titled 'The Black Allure', the list of top Black models include Ajak Deng, Jourdan Dunn, Sessilee Lopez, Arlenis Sosa, Rose Cordero, Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman, Aminata Niaria, Kinee Diouf, Melodie Monrose and Lais Ribeiro.

Monday, February 21, 2011

FUR Fashions FUR Fall

These are some of the luxurious furry looks that we loved during New York Fashion Week F/W11.

GANT by Michael Bastian F/W11 - Photo credit: GANT

NIMA by Nima Taherzadeh F/W11


Friday, February 18, 2011

Stephen Burrows F/W11 - One of the Last Fashion Masters. @tfnow

Photo credit: Tyrone Farley for True Fashionista Now

Stephen Burrows, one of the last fashion masters of our time, mesmerized fashion goers yesterday with his Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Some may call it support from the best in the industry, or simply curious fashionistas craving for style of an era long gone by. I knew I was among the cream of the crop, when Andre Leon Tally (former editor at large for "Vogue"), and Pat Cleveland (one of the first African American Supermodels) was in attendance.  We are talking about a designer and their collection that represents the best in class and one that has left a mark in fashion history.

Stephen Burrows is one the first successful African American fashion designers of our time. His phenomenal talent, is attributed to placing American designers on the forefront of the global fashion space, in the 'Battle of Versailles' in 1973. The 'Battle of Versailles' is a landmark fashion show that featured five American designers against five French designers.  It was a privilege and honor to be invited to this show, because I could only read and dream about a show with a legend like Burrows, in fashion magazines as a little boy. Headlines of wild drug parties of the Studio 54 party scene, when the likes of Andy Warhol, Halston, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and even Stephen Burrows and Pat Cleveland themselves were socialite fixtures. Stepping out of a freight elevator into an enormous open loft space, with red brick walls filled with fashion leaders, critics and influencers, evoked a sense in my mind, of what it must have been like in the eighties. 

As the show began and models strutted with poses and smiles of when Iman first walked for Yves Saint Laurent, or Pat Cleveland for Burrows and Halston, was a moment of fashion history and pride I will cherish forever. With the latest Stephen Burrows F/W11 collection, we are not stuck in a time zone of the past because his designs are new and exciting. Some of the looks include a classic gorgeous gold open back halter gown cinched with a black belt, and a striped figure hugging stretched gown and his signature look that utilizes stretch fabrics. His inspiration for Fall 2011 are egg shapes, stripes, plaids and prints. All the models walked in red-soled Christian Louboutin shoes, and exhibited a pride in showcasing the Stephen Burrows collection. I felt blessed and inspired to witness and be in the presence of such a great, creative and critically acclaimed CFDA winner, of African American descent. Fashion is freedom and fashion lives.  
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Photos credit: Tyrone Farley for True Fashionista Now