Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Michael Jackson's Death Anniversary: King Of Pop Music & King Of Fashion. @tfnow

Michael Jackson music fans shouldn't think it's strange, that we're remembering his death anniversary after four years.  Die hard fans know, that he is the king of pop, a world icon and also the king of fashion.  Everyone's got something to hold on to, for their favorite artist and for me it's the fashions of Michael Jackson and the way he's inspired many fashionistas.  

My fashion memory of him is childhood/teen Michael Jackson with his vintage fashions of afros, bell bottom pants, large lapel jackets and paper hats and fedoras.  I think I love it because those fashions stood the test of time and are classic. Also, let's not forget his beautiful face which he thought was ugly during that time, but was gorgeous though that's another story.  

Regardless, his music continues to inspire and appeal to new generations, and it's amazing to see children who may not quite know him, bopping to his songs, like 'Beat It' or 'Thriller'.  We remember you on your death anniversary Micheal Jackson. 

We miss you and your fashion is also inspirational because you had style.  You are a True Fashionista Now.  Follow and connect with us on Facebook for more pics and fashion news.

Harper's BAZAAR fashion tribute to Michael Jackson for their 2009 September issue.
Micheal Jackson inspired the runway with this look.
Rihanna pays homage to Michael Jackson with this jacket and hair(even the shaved side). See Michael  Jackson "BAD" album cover hairstyle. Didn't Cassie shave hers too?

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