Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Knicks City Dancers are Tru Fashionistas in BODYROCK SPORT

The Knicks City Dancers wowed sport fans recently in their BODYROCK SPORT wear. Honestly, why would any dancer or even active gal want to be in anything else but this line of fitness wear. I had a chance to see their collection last fall at New York Fashion Week and the innovativeness of Kelly Dooley's vision is genious. The bras comes in different styles like 'The Anna' and 'The Tentra' and your investment is guaranteed with the wearability you get out of it. Imagine your bra becoming a fashionable staple item with your night party ensemble by adorning it with a fabulous removable silver chain/charm bracelet. Check out BODYROCK SPORT for more details and to get yours now. We love you BODYROCK!!

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  1. These girls look amazing. BodyRock is awesome!